Crawl Space Foundation Repair – Support and Stabilization

Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Among our many services, we perform ALL Crawl Space Foundation Repair repairs tailored to your home.  Whether your home needs adjustments on existing stations, adjustments to previously installed repairs by other contractors or requires new repairs or support, Foundation and Home Services offers the repair tailored to your home.

Steel Post Method

With adjustable steel posts FABRICATED for the specific area to stabilize or support your home.  Each post is made ONSITE for YOUR HOME and is not manufactured.  We use 4″, 11 gauge steel for each steel post!

Wood Replacement or Repair

Foundation and Home Services can perform all wood replacement from joists, sill plates, band plates, beams to subfloor.  All repairs – one company!

Other methods include:

  • Block Stations
  • Poured pads
  • Subfloor Repair – Subfloor Removal and Subfloor Replacement
  • Joist Repair – Joist Removal and Joist Replacement
  • Beam Repair – Beam Removal and Beam Replacement
  • or any repair the home needs