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What is your foundation type?  Is it one of the following:

Concrete Slab Repair
Footer & Stem Wall Repair and Installation
Crawl Space Repair
Block & Base Repair
Basement or Wall Repair

Retaining Walls

Foundation and Home Services wants you to understand the changes you home or business is experiencing.  Are you concerned that your home or business may have a foundation problem or need foundation repair?

Your home or business may need foundation repair if your are seeing any trouble signs like:

  • Brick, mortar or concrete blocks cracking or crumbling
  • Cracks appearing in sheetrock or tile
  • Sloping or bouncy floors
  • Interior or exterior doors that do not open and close easily or hang unevenly
  • Rotted or rotting wood
  • Kitchen cabinets separating from walls and ceilings
  • Windows that won’t open or close as easily as they used to

These are annoying and troubling symptoms, but other far more serious conditions may also exist. These include:

  • Broken fresh water or sewer lines
  • Water intrusion in basement or crawl space
  • Water remaining around the perimeter of the home

Clearly some foundation problems are more critical than others, but all foundation problems increase over time as the foundation ages or the soil surrounding your home changes. These situations make your home vulnerable to many kinds of peripheral damage and inevitably diminish the comfort, security and value of your home. It is in the best interest of YOU and YOUR home or business to correct foundation or contributing problems as soon as possible.

Foundation and Home Services offers a complimentary inspection of your foundation and the various structures that it supports.  We are ready, willing and able to identify any existing foundation issues, to develop a plan for mitigating or correcting the problems, and to perform needed repairs.  Contact us if you see any signs of foundation damage or if you are uncertain about the stability of your foundation.

Every home needs a strong foundation to ensure its integrity and reliability.  The same is true for commercial properties. Don’t wait until there is a crisis.                 


Piling/Push Pier Method

  • The Hybrid Foundation Repair System combines with the strength and longevity of steel starter cylinders to gain greater depth and concrete cylinder piling.
  • The smaller diameter steel sections can go deeper, punching through harder clay and rocky soils
  • The larger concrete sections provide greater bearing area for a stronger repair
  • Unlike steel, the concrete will not corrode in the upper soil layers rich with oxygen and moisture
  • Where applicable, the system is installed directly under the foundation of your home without the use of heavy equipment
  • The Hybrid Foundation Repair System can be “washed” during the driving process to help gain greater depth

Other Foundation Repair Systems

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