Foundation Problems 101

Foundation RepairFoundation problems are not only annoying; they are dangerous and can threaten the integrity of your foundation and the value of your home. Your foundation is continuously subjected to seasonal changes in soil moisture levels, drainage issues, the growth of nearby tree roots and plumbing leaks. These changes may cause the foundation to move, settle or crack which can lead to interior wall and ceiling damage, cabinets and doors that will not close or open properly, and floors that are not level. In extreme cases, foundation problems can cause roof leaks, electrical hazards, and dangerous breaks in gas and water lines. Each of these conditions results in the need for foundation repair.

The soil around the foundation continuously expands during rainy seasons and contracts during dry seasons, particularly during drought. Older homes are especially vulnerable to foundation issues and the need for foundation repair. Trees pose additional problems, especially when they are mature. A large tree can consume as much as 150 gallons of water each day, drawing moisture away from the soil supporting the foundation. Homes built on a concrete slab are particularly prone to water damage. Water leaks under your home’s slab can lead to excessive moisture causing the slab to crack, heave upward or otherwise compromise the stability of the slab.

When foundation problems occur they tend to worsen over time. But there is good news! There are stable levels of soil deep in the ground. However, those stable areas must be accessed in effective ways to provide permanent foundation repair solutions. Our new Cable Lock™ ST Plus Hybrid Foundation Repair System technology is far superior to older options that offer only short-term solutions. Our Foundation Solutions have been serving homeowners for more than 80 years in cities throughout the US.   Our Cable Lock™ technology comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures your foundation’s integrity, and the warranty is transferrable thereby adding to the value of your home should you decide to sell.

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