Financing Available

Foundation and Home Services wants to help YOU, the owner, protect your investment.  We can offering quick and easy financing for your home repair and improvement needs. As well as accepting all major credit cards, we have financing links below for you to choose from.  During your in-home assessment, we will be glad to help you go through the loan or financing process and answer any questions you may have.





Through GreenSky Credit, Foundation and Home Services can extend various plans including NO INTEREST, standard installment and reduced rate programs.  We can offer extended or longer terms or lower interest rate plan options but additional, direct charges would apply.  Please obtain the merchant number for Foundation and Home Services.  Some additional charges may apply based on credit plan selected.  Please visit with your representative from Foundation and Home Services to discuss the credit plans available.

Click here to access Greensky’s options:           Greensky Financing



Also, take advantage of PayPal Financing Options and Specials! Click on the below link to access PayPal direct:

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