Basement Waterproofing Facts You Need to Know

Basement Waterproofing 101

basement-waterproofingBasement waterproofing is a must if you aren’t someone that likes to take big risks. Basements are susceptible to flooding, even in areas that do not receive a great deal of precipitation. Without waterproofing in place, your basement (and home) could experience thousands of dollars’ worth of damages if flooding occurs. Basement waterproofing is not optional; the risk isn’t worth it. Here are a few additional facts about basement waterproofing that you should know.

Fact One: Water Damage can cause Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew buildup causes significant problems to your health. Anywhere that moisture is present, mold and mildew can grow, including inside of the basement. Add the fact that basements are usually damp and you have a breeding ground for trouble. When you waterproof your home, there is less risk of mildew or mold being spotted in your basement.

Fact Two: Waterproofing Increases the Home Value

Whether you have plans to sell right away or years down the road, having the basement waterproofed now can increase the value of the home. People want to buy a home they are secure with; basement waterproofing gives an extra layer of security to the purchase. A small procedure now equals a bigger payout later down the line.

Fact Three: Basement waterproofing is Affordable

Many companies offer waterproofing service. Before hiring a company, search through these various companies and choose 4 – 5 that you like. Request an estimate from each company, taking into account the services provided. This simple process ensures that you get the best waterproofing rates possible.

Fact Four: DIY isn’t enough

Trying to save yourself a little bit of money and waterproofing your basement on your own is not a good idea. What can seem like an effortless project can turn into a huge, costly ordeal if you are not experienced at what you’re doing. You have great peace of mind when there is a professional team on the job.

Fact Five: You can help Prevent Damages

Although waterproofing the basement is a mandatory task, you can help minimize damage to your home’s foundation by ensuring that moisture isn’t allowed to build underneath the soil. You can minimize mildew and mold growth by keeping the basement warm and free of moisture.

Final Thoughts

Basement waterproofing estimates are waiting for you to obtain so you can select the best company for your needs. Do not miss out on waterproofing and it’s many benefits for all homeowners.