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Whether your home is experiencing a foundation issue, you have a water management or waterproofing concern or want to make updates to your home – whatever the concern or objective may be, our ultimate goal is to provide a solution for the you and for your home for years to come.  Foundation and Home Services is the call to make for ANY concerns or needs you have for your home or business.

From the initial design process to project completion, the partners of Foundation and Home Services consider ourselves humble guests in your home.  We are honored you asked us to visit with you regarding your concerns or desires for updates.  We do not send salesmen, representatives or the like.  As owners of the home, you should visit with the owners of the business.

You can rely on our professional team to get the job done to your satisfaction. Our team has been in the foundation, home and commercial repair for greater than a combined 30 years of experience. As a professional business owners, we visit with you at your home, provide you with our recommendation for remedy, repair or renovation, provide you with a no cost estimate and design with you, the owner, a strategic plan identifying your root issue or update.  We will oversee the project from beginning to end to ensure that you are kept informed and you are completely satisfied.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service so you can refer us to your friends and family for years to come. Foundation and Home Services serves the entire state of Alabama. We are locally owned and operated.  We provide a variety of solutions for your homes individual needs.

Your Home is Important to You and Us

Our professionals work with YOU to restore your home back to its prime. If you are experiencing cracks in your foundation, signs of settlement or you are noticing water inside your basement, crawl space, excessive water outside of your home or wish to make updates or improvements, it is time to schedule a free assessment!

What We Do

No Cost In-home Assessment

Fully Transferable Warranties

Financing Options

Full and Partial Repair Plans

Annual Follow-up Visits

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Year-round Installations

Foundation and Home Services has been solving foundation repair problems for homeowners in the Alabama for more than a three years.  We have addressed a wide variety of foundation issues, and we experienced in restoring your foundation’s structural integrity and protecting your home’s value. Our technicians have been professionally trained to use the most technically advanced foundation repair technologies and methods and to combine those technologies with more conventional treatments such as basement waterproofing and sump pump installation. Our process includes identification of the causes of foundation problems and development of a repair plan that is specific to your unique situation.

Your home’s safety and appearance are threatened when foundation problems are present and go untreated. This can lead to continuing erosion of foundation integrity and loss of property value. Interior walls and ceilings may suffer various forms of damage, and floors may no longer be level. In the absence of professional foundation repair, problems typically increase, and they can expand, causing other serious concerns such as roof leaks, electrical hazards, and breaks in water and gas lines. The Hybrid or Simple Pressed Foundation Repair System is typically our choice of repair technology because it is more dependable than older methods that often fail to produce permanent solutions. The concrete cylinders are proved to provide greater stability in the sandy soil areas of the Southern US. We also offer polyurethane injections. We do not hesitate to use other proven methods to ensure extra foundation protection where it is needed. In doing so, we can eliminate your foundation problems and the other problems that they so often cause.

Foundation problems threaten not just your home but also its current and future value. Let us use our experience and proven methods to meet all of your foundation repair needs. We are committed to helping you resolve all of your foundation problems for good.

Customer Referral Program

We don’t pay a fortune for advertising.  WE PAY YOU BACK!!!  Earn $100 every time someone that you refer to us chooses to have work done!

At Foundation and Home Services, our business has taught us that our satisfied customers are our best advertisement. You probably have friends, family and neighbors who are also in need of our assistance. That’s why we have developed a program that rewards you for your referrals.

For every person you refer that chooses Foundation and Home Services to work on their home, we pay you $100. It’s that easy! Just pass this card out to all your friends and family.  Click on this link to download – Customer Referral Form

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