If you notice any problems with your home’s foundation, having it inspected and repaired is essential, as these five reasons will verify.

1) Water can seep into your home if you have cracks in your home’s foundation.

The chance of water seeping into a basement, foundation, or sunken living or family room is a lot higher when you get heavy rain in your area. Addressing any problems before any damage becomes even worse is essential, as, over the years, any problem can become more severe.

You can experience health issues if you have seeping water, as well as damage that includes ruined flooring, carpets and furniture, and damage to your home’s supports. Seeping water won’t be a problem after you have foundation waterproofing carried out.

2) You may find it hard to get a loan against your home if your foundation is damaged, and of course, the value of your home may decrease.

Because problems affecting the foundation of a home can often cost a lot to fix, many buyers won’t even look at a home that has foundation problems. And if you are trying to get a loan when you have had problems with the foundation, it can be time-consuming and stressful trying to verify that you carried out the necessary repairs.

A buyer may need a special type of loan if the FHA chooses to class your home as a fixer-upper, making it even more difficult to secure a sale. And strict FHA guidelines cover the repair of a home’s foundation.

3) The damage can be more severe if you wait longer to repair any problems with the foundation.

Your foundation will get worse over time, although at first, the problem may not seem so severe as all you tend to notice is floors sloping slightly or small cracks.

However, your entire structure can become dangerously weakened over time, once the foundation starts to shift more and those cracks get bigger. And of course, it will end up costing you more to fix any damage, the longer you leave it and the worse it becomes.

4) Because so-called expansive soil is less densely compacted than other soil types, it is more likely to shift when it dries, or when it absorbs hot or cold water.

This problem of expansive soil affecting a home’s foundation is especially common in Los Angeles and other parts of southern California.

The entire structure of your house can be affected when the soil under your home shifts the foundation slightly as it expands and contracts. It can be extremely costly to fix these problems, although in some cases a fix can be found that’s both effective and inexpensive.

5) You can enjoy lower energy costs if you repair any damage to your home’s foundation.

Some areas of your home potentially affected by foundation problems are responsible for a high percentage of heat loss, including:

  • Doors and windows that are not even lead to small openings around them which can cause air to leak out.
  • Below grade space and floors
  • Ceilings and walls

Have a thorough inspection carried out by a good foundation repair company if you suspect problems.