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For more than fifteen years, Foundation and Home Services has expertly resolved all sorts of foundation repair needs for homeowners in the greater Montgomery area.   We have seen it all, and we can help you restore your foundation’s integrity and protect your home’s value. Our technicians have been professionally trained to identify the causes of foundation problems and then to develop a repair plan that is specific to your unique situation. Solutions typically include use of the most technically advanced technologies and methods available for foundation repair, in combination with more traditional treatments such as basement waterproofing and installation of a sump pump.

Structural problems put your foundation at risk, threatening your home’s safety and diminishing its integrity and value. Walls and ceilings may become cracked and damaged, and floors may buckle. Without professional repair, foundation problems increase and often multiply, causing other serious concerns such as roof leaks, electrical hazards, and breaks in water and gas lines.  We can treat your foundation problems, eliminate the dangers they can cause, and prevent them from recurring. Our use of cutting edge technology is far more reliable and effective than older methods that often fail to provide permanent solutions. We also use tried-and-true methods such as sump pumps and crawl space waterproofing to ensure extra foundation protection if it is needed.

Your house is not just your home; it is a valuable asset that can be endangered and devalued by untreated foundation problems. We are committed to using our experience and proven methods to meet all of your foundation repair needs.   We can help you permanently resolve your foundation problems and protect your home from residual damage and loss of value.

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