Foundation and Home Services IS your source for Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair and Waterproofing!  We operate with integrity, honesty and dependability with you and your home or business!  Not only do we operate in this manner, we make recommendations for improvement or repair that you, the owner, can do on your own.  We perform foundation repair, waterproofing, water management and concrete repair or installation.

Our services, installations and repairs are SPECIFICALLY tailored to your home or business.  Some of the services are as follows:

  • Foundation Repair and Foundation Construction
  • Waterproofing, water management and drainage
  • Concrete Repair and Installation
  • …and any Construction Services

We DO NOT have a sales presentation, spend a percentage of our revenue on advertising or employ a salesforce.  We don’t SELL holes, piers, pilings or a repair plan.

Our Purpose

Our business is to give you peace of mind for your home and business.  Repair or installation at your home or business is not a job…it’s a project that we perform or improve with pride!

Whether your home or business is experiencing a foundation issue, has water management needs, waterproofing concerns or if you simply want to make updates to your home or business, we provide a solution for the you and your home or business for years to come.

Foundation and Home Services is THE call to make for ANY concerns or needs you have for your home or business.