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Foundation Repair

Foundation and Home Services offers many products to meet your foundation problems. These range from helical systems to the state of the cable art system called Cable Lock ST plus…


Foundation and Home Services waterproofing encompasses waterproofing, interior & exterior drains, crawl space encapsulation, gutters, humidity control and much more…

Other Services

Foundation and Home Services also provides other services like wall bracing, concrete work, excavation, stud and joist repairs, sump pump installations and repairs, and much more…

About Company

At Foundation and Home Services, we operate with integrity, honesty and dependability with you and your home or business in mind!  In most cases, we make recommendations for improvement or repair that the home or business owner can choose to do on their own.

We offer foundation repair, waterproofing, water management, drainage, landscape, concrete and construction services tailored SPECIFICALLY to your home or business.  We DO NOT have a sale presentation, we DO NOT spend a percentage of our revenue or money on advertising and we don’t SELL holes, piers, pilings or a repair plan.  We repair and make improvements to homes and businesses with pride!

Whether your home or business is experiencing a foundation issue, has water management needs or waterproofing concerns or if you simply want to make updates to your home or business, we provide a solution for the you and your home or business for years to come.  Foundation and Home Services is THE call to make for ANY concerns or needs you have for your home or business.

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Basement Waterproofing 101 Basement waterproofing is a must if you aren’t someone that likes to take big risks. Basements are susceptible to flooding, even in areas that do not receive a great deal of precipitation. Without waterproofing in place, your basement (and home) could experience thousands of dollars’ worth of damages if flooding occurs. Basement […]


  • Omar and his crew just wrapped up the second of two jobs to remove a crumbling rubble stone foundation and replace with proper footings and block.  This second piece completed in a timely manner despite the wettest April in many years.  Additionally they removed a crumbling rock patio and reused the stones to add a walkway, retaining wall and fire pit.  As with the first foundation job, the work was excellent with attention to details such as the way the siding was replaced, stone pressure washed and sealed, and a thorough cleanup.

    Thanks again to Foundation and Home Services for securing the foundation of our home for many years to com.

    Thanks Again from a very satisfied customer

    ~Dixon Nabors
  • This letter is to express my sincere pleasure with the work currently being performed by your project manager Silvestere and his team. The scope of work being performed is far superior to previous work done by your company. I can actually see that the house is being leveled without the aid of instruments.

    Sylvestere and his team seem to very knowledgeable of how the work should be performed and have taken extreme caution not to damage the house or the property in general. They clean up the work area daily and always make certain that any hazards are well covered and marked.

    I am looking forward to being able to shut my doors without problems and fixing the walls permanently. Hopefully the work being performed will prevent future problems from occurring.

    ~Henry Barnett, Jr.
  • Just want you to know that Silvestere and his crew worked very hard to solve the foundation problems at our home. He and his crew are still working at 7:30 on Sunday night, September 21.

    I hope that your company recognizes the work ethic of this crew. I wish everyone had the work ethic that this crew has. You are to be commended for hiring good workers.

    ~Dennis Stephens
  • We want to thank you and your crew for the time and effort that you spent repairing our home. Your honesty and professionalism is second to none. We hope and pray that this repair will be the one that stops this house from moving. Thank you for doing such a great cleanup job each day and also for the removal of concrete patio.

    ~Shaun Smith