When a homeowner is planning a basement remodel, foundation repair is a significant concern. This is because foundation repairs can be expensive. Structural stability can begin to have issues with age and can be prone to stress. Environmental and design factors can also cause damage. Repairing a pier and beam foundations are considered more natural than fixing a concrete foundation. Also, rebuilding a pier and beam foundation is less expensive and requires less labor.

Understanding Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and beam foundations are a traditional system in homes, and they are just as durable and efficient as a concrete foundation. One benefit of pier and beam foundations is that the homeowner will have a larger, more integrated crawlspace. This crawlspace can be used for plumbing connections and makes plumbing repairs easier. These crawlspaces can also be used to install a central heating system. If the foundation has been in place for decades, it is not uncommon for them to develop maintenance-based issues. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved quickly if you are familiar with foundation repair basics.

What Causes Pier and Beam Foundation Issues?

If you have a basic understanding of what causes these foundation issues, it will be easier to identify the problem and determine the best way to repair the foundation. The following factors affect pier and beam foundations.

Underlying Soil: Seasonal moisture can cause cracks in the foundation. Soil beds that are high in clay can cause more issues because they hold in moisture better. When the moisture seepage is heavy, the soil expands. This can put stress on the foundation, resulting in uneven basement floors. It can also cause leakage along the basement doors. Finally, the sheetrock in the basement can crack.

Inappropriate Construction: Most homes that were built with pier and beam foundations were built on cedar piers. While these piers are durable, they can restrict the footing area for the foundation. The support that is extended to the foundation is dictated by the surface are offered by the footing area. This makes it difficult for the foundation to pass the stress to the sub-floor.
When there is constant compression, and the soil rots under the foundation, the basement can sink into the ground below. This is the most common reason for aged pear and beam foundations to have a sunken appearance.

Understanding Pier and Beam Repair Methods

Improper Drainage: If the drainage isn’t directed away from the basement, the foundation becomes prone to mold growth and cracking. This can cause moisture to be always in the area around the basement.

The moisture will gradually pass to the lower foundation lawyers. Water can also compromise the ventilation of the foundation. This can make it take longer to dry out the basement. Gardening can also cause problems. If the garden’s soil bed drains toward the basement, it can cause issues.

There are a few methods used for crack repair that can be used to strengthen the foundation easily. The method that you use would depend on the severity of the issues. Before making a basement crack repair, you should take a good look at the damage that has been done.

Shoring the Foundation

If it is evident that the pier and beam foundation cannot handle any more stress, site shoring is recommended. This issue can be detected by noticing cracked patterns along the base of the walls. To fix the problem, retailed timber piers are placed to allow the foundation to handle more weight and stress. For residential repairs, temporary shoring is usually recommended. Timber is inserted under the existing foundation beams. This would add more surface area to the footing of the foundation. In turn, it would increase the transfer of the stress onto the new piers.

Strengthening the Foundation

If shoring doesn’t solve your problem, a sonotube is recommended. If you notice significant cracking in the basement or a slope in the floor, you can insert a sonobuoy, and you won’t need to shore the foundation.

A sonotube is a concrete form that is hollow. They are also known as concrete columns. They make it possible to strengthen an aging foundation and improve the durability of the foundation.
Sonotubes are ordered based on your size requirement. They come pre-cut and pre-shaped. In most cases, they would be placed around the rear of the footing area. To hold the sonotube in its position, concrete is poured inside.

If you notice visible gaps between the sheetrock on the ceiling or between the vertical walls and the foundation floor, this method is highly recommended our basement crack repair Edmonton friends shared that.

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